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You know a place where the underprivileged kids need Mathematics or English lesson?


You want to teach them?


Please open your own class!


readwritecount community is open to personal projects or ideas.


If you already know a particular place where underprivileged children need English or Mathematic lessons, and you want to teach them, the readwritecount community will support you to open your class.


readwritecount community works regarding the following instruction:


readwritecount community
always ask authorization to the local RT or the RW.


readwritecount community
open English and Mathematics classes. The teacher teach 2 days a week, 2 hours each day, mostly for elementary school children. In one neighborhood, 2 teachers are teaching at the same time, the Mathematics teacher and the English teacher


The teacher teach when he can and when the students are not at school. Before opening a class, we organize a first meeting with the teachers and all the kids, and we define together what are the 2 days of the week or the weekend the classes will be held.


Usually, in one neighborhood, we separate the Elementary school children in 2 groups, SD1,2&3 and SD4,5&6. 2 classes are taught at the same time:
- hour 1: Teacher 1 - SD1,2&3 English ------------ Teacher 2 - SD4,5&6 Mathematics
- hour 2: Teacher 2 - SD1,2&3 Mathematics ---- Teacher 1 - SD4,5&6 English.


readwritecount community
teach straight in the poor neighborhood, trying to find local classrooms. It could be on a terrace in front of a house, in the balai RW, or even under a tree.


readwritecount community
will support your classes by providing:
1- A white board for each class and markers.
2- Textbooks for each teacher to prepare the lesson:
---- for English teacher, books English SD1, English SD2, English SD4 and English SD5
---- for Math teacher, boods Math SD1, Math SD2, Math SD4 and Math SD5
(the books for SD3 and SD6 are not provided because we considere that the kids in SD3 and SD6 still need to learn from the younger level, and the younger level won't be able to understand the lessons from SD3 and SD6).
3- Advise and help from the members of the readwritecount community


For unexperimented teacher:

If you are unexperimented, we will teach you how to prepare a lesson and you will be assisted for your first lessons by Joko or me.

1st TIP: It's important that the teacher always prepare the lesson he will teach. If the teacher doesn't prepare the lesson, he will hesitate, he will improvise, he will jump from a subject to another without any logic. Therefore, the kids will feel the lack of structure and will be more easily inattentive, they will easily play, talk, and even leave the class during the lesson to play outside. If the kids feel the lesson are slack, they will loose their motivation and not join the class anymore. Don't hesitate to use game in your lesson to entertain the kids.


There is 2 points that has the same weight: KNOWLEDGE and SELF-CONFIDENCE. Both without the other are useless.


So we decide to give KNOWLEDGE and rebuild SELF-CONFIDENCE. How?

In underpriviledged areas, the kids are not confident at all with school education, because of a lack of good tools or condition of living to study in good condition. Many of them will stop school too early, during elementary level, or secondary level for several reasons, and one of those reasons is that they all simply don't succeed at school. So why continuing? They lose motivation, helped by parents whose school education has been stopped early too, and who need those kids to help them to get incomes.


The idea is that the bad condition of living makes those kids fail at school and therefore give them a low sefl-confidence, then that decrease again their school results. But if we can just give them a room where they will succeed, or just not fail, or not feel a loser, or a place where all simply people will care about them, then they will get back a little bit of self-confidence and that will help them to stay longer at school.


The KNOWLEDGE is given by our lessons. It doesn't cover all the school subjects, but it's enough to improve their school grades in this taught subject, and improve in the same time their self-confidence, that will then spread in the other school subjects in school.


For the SELF-CONFIDENCE, in those classes, it's important that those kids finally doesn't get into any situation where they feel failing. The best way to do that is to NEVER GIVE THEM ANY TEST. By this way, there won't be any winner, but also no loser. Nobody will feel he is losing again, and again, and again. NO REWARDS but for the full class. NO HOMEWORKS, never or they will be afraid of the teacher, and won't feel our classes are a comfortable place. but YES SOMETIMES FOR GAMES, WORKSHOP and ENTERTAINMENT.


You want to open your class with readwritecount community?


We will organize a first meeting with you, Joko and me, to share about this project.


And you receive the readwritecount community T-Shirt!


Please contact us!

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